Of course you can just write what you feel is right, but here is an idea that might be useful:

Dear …..,

EU citizens have come to the UK in good faith. They contribute so much to life and society here. They are part of the fabric of the UK. They are our builders, our nurses, our teachers, and our doctors. They are our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends, and our loved ones. The UK is their home.

Brexit poses a severe threat to their lives. The government’s plan for settled status, an application process that can fail, is not suitable to guarantee their rights. In fact, the plan robs EU citizens of rights and may well create, given how the plan is currently set up, eternal limbo. The plan to implement much of the settled status legislation through secondary legislation is a major concern. This is not acceptable. EU citizens in the UK – and Britons in EU countries – deserve so much better.

So I ask you: will you put people before politics? Will you help secure the rights of EU citizens as they stand? Will you become an EU citizens’ champion?

I hope you will – because it is the only right, the only human, step to take.

Yours sincerely,