Why we need your help

2021 will be the toughest year yet for EU citizens. Following the end of the transition period, we will see the impact of the sweeping changes that Brexit has brought, including confusion about the status of EU citizens and discrimination.

ThLet’s continue to make sure that the3million can keep doing their work to achieve that. The organisation’s plans are to continue to support EU citizens, but to also focus on educating politicians, employers etc. There are also existing legal challenges against the government, and the3million is also preparing to monitor discrimination and to watch how the UK government is implementing the Withdrawal Agreement.

the3million is an organisation of ordinary people standing up for citizens rights in the country we all love and call home. From a first meeting in a pub in Bristol in the summer of 2016 to today, the group has worked hard for EU citizens and become known as the leading EU citizens’ rights NGO. Your support to keep the group going will make a real difference.