The first thing you can consider doing is become an EU citizens’ champion by contributing to this fundraiser. All donations go automatically and in full to the3million to fund the NGO’s vital work.

But the EU citizens’ champion campaign is about more than that: it is also about raising awareness, helping to inform EU citizens and the wider public about settled status, and to challenge how citizens’ rights have become collateral in Brexit. The human cost of Brexit is already too high, and it is time to put people before politics.

Here are a few other suggestions about what you can do to help:

  • Write to your MP; here is a very simple and short template if you are not sure what to write. Not sure who your MP is or what their contact details are? This website can help you find out.
  • Help EU citizens get a voice; if you are involved in organising events, invite them to speak etc.
  • You can also play a role in helping inform EU citizens in the UK about their rights and securing their future here. If you are an employer of EU citizens, have you done anything to inform your staff? Do you know any EU citizens who you could tell about it? This can be useful. BUT make sure that you only tell them about settled status rather than providing any actual immigration advice – this can only be done by people and organisations who are OISC compliant. It is illegal to provide immigration advice for anyone not OISC compliant. Find out more in this article by immigration barrister Colin Yeo.
  • On a more personal level, and while this may seem very obvious: if you have EU citizen neighbour, colleagues, friends or family, ask them sometimes how they are! We hear accounts frequently that many are struggling with this not happening, with a lack of empathy and understanding. This is easy to change and really everyone can do it.
  • If you are interested in providing regular support and be more involved, regardless of whether you are an EU citizen in the UK or British, consider becoming a supporter of the3million.