The UK government’s approach to preserving the rights of EU citizens at home in the UK, as well as British citizens in another EU country, has not brought the certainty it should have. Instead of agreeing existing rights, upholding the re-assurances given by the official Leave campaign and the majority of politicians, five million people and their families were made bargaining chips in the negotiations. This caused unprecedented anxiety and stress and has landed people in limbo. Much of this remains to this day.

For EU citizens at home in the UK, it is vital that:

Settled Status

EU citizens in the UK are now faced with having to apply if they want to stay in their home post-Brexit. That is, in essence, what settled status, the scheme devised for EU citizens to secure their future in the UK, is about. While the UK government claims that settled status secures the rights of EU citizens, the reality is that it does not provide certainty. Key concerns are:

Rights must not be removed from those the government fails to reach in time

EU citizens have been told by the Government that they must apply for settled status or pre-settled status to be able to stay in the UK. We have been campaigning for over two years to have our legal status guaranteed in legislation, to avoid a ‘Windrush on steroids’ for those who do not apply in time for whatever reason. Find out more here

There needs to be a physical document to prove rights

EU citizens don’t get any physical proof of their (pre-)settled status. Instead they have to rely on a digital status controlled by the Home Office. No-one would suggest that passports were digital-only, and neither should settled status be. Find out more here

EU citizens must keep their voting rights

At the moment, EU citizens in the UK can vote and stand as candidates in local and mayoral  elections. We do not know whether we will keep this right after Brexit – the UK government has given us no guarantees. Many EU citizens may end up disenfranchised – based on a referendum about our future that excluded us from a vote. Find out more here