EU citizens who made the UK their home are your neighbours, colleagues, friends, and family. They are your doctors, teachers, and hairdressers. They laugh and cry with you. They love you. But that does not seem to be enough.

The EU referendum has already had a significant impact on their lives, from a rise in hate crimes directed at them to the uncertainty about their future rights which — contrary to the UK government’s claims — have not been secured. Settled Status, as is explained here, is not a solution that has put minds at ease.

EU citizens should be able to live their lives as before. You and your backing of this campaign could make this reality!

Become an #EUcitizensChampion

If you choose to become an #EUcitizensChampion by making a donation, you will support the3million, the UK’s leading not for profit organisation working to protect EU citizens’ rights.

The plan of the3million is clear: to advocate for a legal immigration status that will protect all EU citizens and their families after Brexit for the rest of their lives. To learn a little more about the3million and what they do, watch the video below.

This is why this campaign is asking for your support.

The task lying ahead is enormous and EU citizens need your help so that they do not become the victims of bureaucracy, and do not end up being a new Windrush generation. With a donation in support of the3million, you are making a vital contribution to secure the future of millions of EU citizens already at home in the UK.

Who is the campaign for and what will the funds raised be used for?

For more details on the fundraiser part of the campaign, the beneficiary and what the funds raised will be used for, click here.

Who is behind the campaign?

The EU Citizens’ Champion Campaign was founded by Tanja Bueltmann in July 2018.