My family is European and I believe in the UK’s future at the heart of Europe. My Swedish husband and I have marched and leafletted for Remain. We’ve been married since 1972! I can’t believe he has to ask to stay in my country. I’ve spent many years in his.


I am a European. I have a degree in French and German; I enjoy learning languages, including bits of Italian and now Dutch. I have lived, loved, worked and holidayed throughout Europe all of my life and I want my 14 year old daughter to share those opportunities with every EU citizen. I am appalled by what we are doing to ourselves and to those of you from Europe enriching our communities. Our horizons are shrinking and I want this to stop!


My Austrian husband moved to the UK with me in 2005. This is our home. We have 2 dual nationality children aged 10 and 8 and have no idea what the future holds for our family.


I care so much for the3million, British in Europe & all those in limbo because of Brexit. SIMPLY, #ThisIsOurHome and its not home without you. I want all your rights secured asap. My yellow ribbon is still on my tree.