What will the funds raised be used for?

All funds raised will go to the3million, the UK’s leading not for profit organisation working to protect EU citizens’ rights. In that capacity, the organisation has given evidence to the UK and EU Parliaments, and works with the media, embassies and governments throughout the UK and EU27 countries.

In particular, work funded from donations will centre on two strands to protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK.

1) Outreach via the new charity Settled

  • To feed into national information campaigns over the next two years that seek to inform EU citizens living in the UK about the application phase to settled status (or an alternative status in case of a no deal scenario), and to liaise with organisations, including those that support vulnerable EU citizens (such as children, older people, persons with disabilities, people who are isolated, certain groups and communities, etc).

2) Monitoring the Home Office

  • To run a research project to monitor, in real-time, the effectiveness of the application process by the Home Office from the perspective of EU citizens.
  • To gather experiences of EU citizens applying for the ‘settlement scheme’ from its inception (end of 2018) until the end of the grace period (end June 2021), or of alternative application schemes for EU citizens in case of a ‘no deal’ scenario.
  • To report back in monthly updates and quarterly reports, which will be fed back to the Home Office and shared publicly to keep everyone informed.

How can donors get updates?

Donors can see regular updates on the progress of the work of the3million on their website and via their Twitter account.

Who is behind the campaign? 

The #EUcitizensChampion Campaign was founded by Tanja Bueltmann in July 2018. Tanja is an EU citizen who lives in the UK and a citizens’ rights campaigner who began campaigning on this issue after the UK’s EU referendum in 2016. In that capacity she has written for The Guardian  and the THE  among others. To learn more about why Tanja founded this campaign, read her article ‘You’re safe here … until you’re not’: EU citizens in the UK are fighting for their rights. In her life beyond campaigning Tanja is a Professor of History at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne. You can follow Tanja on Twitter @cliodiaspora

Who is the campaign beneficiary and how are funds withdrawn?

As stated, the campaign is for the3million.

Tanja Bueltmann is not involved with the organisation  in an official capacity, and therefore, is not the beneficiary of this campaign. Consequently, she has no access to the funds raised and is not withdrawing them as they are being withdrawn directly for the3million.

Nicolas Hatton is co-founder and co-chair of the3million. He, together with Estelle Tenant (a Director of the3million), are the GoFundMe beneficiaries of this campaign for the3million, which is why their names may also appear on the GoFundMe campaign page. As the organisation’s verified beneficiary account holders, they are withdrawing the funds raised from this campaign for the3million.

Who else is involved in the campaign?

The campaign launch video was produced and contributed by actor/writer David Schneider  with help from his team.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any further questions about the campaign, please contact tanja@eucitizenschampion.co.uk

If you would like to know more about the3million  and what the funds raised are being used for, please contact them directly or follow them on Twitter @the3million