EU Citizens’ Champion is a fundraiser and engagement campaign in support of the3million. It was founded by Tanja Bueltmann in the summer of 2018 and has since raised, via a range of different fundraising campaigns, approximately £80,000 to support EU citizens at home in the UK.

During the EU referendum all Leave campaigners promised that nothing would change for EU citizens at home in the UK and that their rights would be protected automatically. That turned out to be a false: now all EU citizens, regardless of how long they have lived in the UK, must apply to stay in their home. If they fail to do so by the deadline (30 June 2021), they will become unlawful overnight. That is not acceptable. Similarly, while the Withdrawal Agreement includes a citizens’ rights part that is being implemented, it is vital to monitor implementation. Issues to do with discrimination are already evident.

the3million is the leading not for profit organisation formed after the EU referendum to protect the rights of EU citizens who made the UK their home. the3million lobby and do other advocacy work; they help EU citizens through outreach and engagement activities; and they take the government to court if needs be to protect the future of millions. Much of what the3million do is still carried primarily through volunteered time. That is how the idea for EU Citizens’ Champion was born. EU citizens need further support to ensure their rights are protected. They need champions to help with that. Tanja is not formally involved with the3million.

David Schneider as
Minister for Brexit


All funds raised will go directly to the3million, the UK’s leading not for profit organisation working to protect EU citizens’ rights. In that capacity, the organisation has given evidence to the UK and EU Parliaments, and works with the media, embassies and governments throughout the UK and EU27 countries.

In the past, donations have funded a broad range of activities carried out by the3million, including outreach events, some staff time and related costs, such as office rent.

The campaign is set up in support of the3million and all donations made go directly to the organisation via their Donorbox site. Tanja Bueltmann is not involved with the organisation in any formal capacity. She has no access to the funds raised and is not able to access them.
The EU Citizens’ Champion campaign was founded by Tanja Bueltmann in July 2018. Tanja is an EU citizen who lives in the UK and a citizens’ rights campaigner who began campaigning on this issue after the UK’s EU referendum in 2016. In that capacity she has written for The Guardian and the THE among others. In her life beyond campaigning, Tanja is a Professor of History and holds a Chair in International history at the University of Strathclyde. You can follow Tanja on Twitter @tanjabueltmann
If you have any further questions about the campaign, please write to contact@eucitizenschampion.co.uk